Our History

Since 1954, we have been providing quality healthcare, making it accessible to Brazilians.

With over 60 years of history, Globo Pharma is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, always dedicated to the health and well-being of the population.

With more than 89 medications and 260 different presentations in our portfolio, we ensure modernity and excellence in every product. Our ongoing investment in innovation and our highly qualified employees are our strengths.

Our factory has excellent infrastructure that covers more than 440,000 square feet, close to Belo Horizonte. Additionally, we maintain an office located in São Paulo for meetings with our business partners.

Globo Pharma stands as a symbol of quality and trust, having established itself over the years. We are dedicated to expanding our presence in the market and enhancing the lives of Brazilians through our core values.

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Sustainable production, waste management, and environmental commitment for the future.



Advanced research, quality, and safety in medications.


Business Development

Our growth is driven by products and partnerships that meet market demand.

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