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GLOBO PHARMA values the trust placed in it by its customers, consumers, employees, suppliers, and partners. In this regard, respecting the confidentiality and protection of personal data are top priorities in its actions.

  1. 1. Purpose of this Policy
    The purpose of this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is to describe how GLOBO PHARMA processes personal data. According to Law 13,709/2018 – General Data Protection Law (LGPD), personal data is defined as “information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.” This Policy may be modified, supplemented, or updated to adapt to any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential, or technical developments. However, personal data of data subjects will always be treated in accordance with the current legislation. The terms used in this Policy shall have the same meaning as granted by Law 13,709/2018 – General Data Protection Law.
  2. 2. Data Subjects
    GLOBO PHARMA collects personal data from visitors, consumers of its products, employees, collaborators, suppliers, healthcare professionals, and other individuals with whom it interacts, whether through virtual or physical environments.
  3. 3. Purposes of Processing
    GLOBO PHARMA may process personal data for the following purposes:
    • To enter into a contract or fulfill a contractual obligation.
    • To conduct prevention and investigation operations, perform administrative formalities, records, declarations, or audits.
    • To comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, including regulatory standards imposed by health authorities, tax, labor, and safety
    • To protect the life and physical integrity of employees and collaborators (e.g., access controls to GLOBO PHARMA’s premises, safety training, etc.).
    • For regular contact with our customers, patients, and business partners (e.g., product information requests through the customer service channel).
    • To defend its interests in judicial, arbitration, or administrative proceedings.
    • To protect its own rights and interests, such as through internal audits, marketing campaigns, disclosure of GLOBO PHARMA’s activities, use of software and applications facilitating GLOBO PHARMA’s activity administration, and implementation of measures to personalize consumers’ experience in their relationship with GLOBO PHARMA.
  4. 4. Legal Bases
    The processing of personal data carried out by GLOBO PHARMA is framed within the various provisions of Articles 7 and 11 of Law 13,709/2018, according to the nature and characteristics of each processing.
  5. 5. Website Cookies
    Website cookies are those sent to the user’s computer or device and managed exclusively by the website. Information collected through these cookies is used to improve and personalize the user experience. Some cookies may be used to remember user preferences and choices and to provide personalized content.
    Third-Party Cookies
    Some of our partners may set cookies on users’ devices when they access our website. These cookies generally aim to enable our partners to offer their content and services to the user accessing our site in a personalized manner, by obtaining navigation data extracted from their interaction with the site.
    The user can obtain more information about third-party cookies and how the data obtained from them is processed, as well as access a description of the cookies used and their characteristics by accessing the following link:
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    Entities responsible for collecting cookies may share the information obtained with third parties.
    Cookie Management
    The user can oppose the use of cookies by the site by simply disabling them when they start using the service, following these instructions: As soon as they enter the site, the user will have the option to block or allow the use of cookies by selecting the corresponding option in the dialog box (popup) that loads automatically when our page is accessed. However, disabling all cookies will not be possible, as some of them are essential for the website to function properly. Additionally, disabling cookies that can be disabled may affect the user’s experience since information used to personalize it will no longer be used.
  6. 6. Collection of Personal Data
    GLOBO PHARMA collects personal data from the following sources:
    • Data communicated directly by the data subject, through the completion of forms, email subscriptions, business cards, customer service, or telephone contact.
    • Data obtained through third parties lawfully.
    • Sources where personal data has been made manifestly public by the data subject (e.g., social media).
  7. 7. Children’s Data
    GLOBO PHARMA processes personal data of children in specific cases, usually related to patient management or benefits
  8. 8. Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties
    GLOBO PHARMA shares personal data with the following third parties:
    • Regulatory authorities and service providers related to pharmacovigilance – Due to pharmacovigilance standards and practices, GLOBO PHARMA must report product-related incidents. In this sense, personal data related to such events may be transferred to third parties, such as product manufacturers and health authorities. We emphasize that, whenever possible, personal data will be anonymized, and only data actually necessary to achieve the intended purpose will be processed.
    • Our service providers – GLOBO PHARMA may share personal data with service providers who assist in certain activities, such as the company’s accounting management, employee benefit management, recruitment and management of interns, event hosting, and laboratory or market research companies.
    • Event organizers – GLOBO PHARMA may transfer data of speakers, collaborators, or visitors to event organizers, such as fairs, symposia, or congresses, for security, access control, or organizational purposes.
    • Public authorities – Some personal data must be transferred to public authorities due to a legal obligation or when necessary to defend GLOBO PHARMA’s interests in judicial or administrative proceedings. GLOBO PHARMA will make its best efforts to ensure that third parties with whom personal data is shared comply with applicable law and, in particular, Law 13,709/2020, maintaining minimum standards of virtual and physical security to prevent security incidents.
  9. 9. International Transfer of Personal Data
    GLOBO PHARMA does not regularly transfer personal data outside Brazilian territory. However, in cases where such a transfer is necessary, GLOBO PHARMA relies on the authorization scenarios provided in Chapter V of Law 13,709/2018.
  10. 10. Storage Period of Personal Data
    Personal data is stored only for the period necessary for its processing or as required by law.
  11. 11. Data Subject Rights
    Data subjects whose personal data is processed have the following rights:
    • Confirmation of the processing of their personal data.
    • Access to the personal data processed by GLOBO PHARMA.
    • Correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data.
    • Anonymization, blocking, or deletion of unnecessary, excessive, or data processed in violation of LGPD provisions.
    • Portability of personal data.
    • Deletion of personal data processed with their consent, except in cases where the law allows processing based on other justifications.
    • Information about public and private entities with which GLOBO PHARMA, as the data controller, has shared their personal data.
    • Information about the possibility of not providing consent whenever it is requested and the consequences of refusal.
    • Information about the possibility of revoking consent given previously.
  12. 12. Contact
    If you have any questions or concerns about GLOBO PHARMA’s practices regarding the protection of personal data, please contact us through the email address
  13. 13. Updates to this Policy
    This is version 1 of GLOBO PHARMA’s Privacy Policy, made available on 20/10/2023.
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