Caring for your health
since 1954

We offer high-quality medicine at fair prices, making healthcare accessible to everyone

Each medication we produce reflects our genuine concern and care for your health

Value proposition

Value proposition


>> Purpose:

Care for Brazilians everywere, providing access to quality healthcare at a fair prices, engaging partners who value trusting

>> Values:

• Honesty is the only path to trust
• People are our most valued asset
• Passion is key to excellence


>> Trustworthy

• Solid
• Reliable
• Effective


• Available
• Straight forward
• Practical


• Collaborative
• Transparent
• Considerate


Our factory and one of our administrative centers are in the Belo Horizonte metropolitan area, installed in an area of over 440,000 sq ft. Additionally, we maintain office in São Paulo, where we often hold meetings with our business partners.


Sustainable production, waste management, and environmental commitment for the future.



Our commitment to developing safe and effective medications.


Business Development

Our growth is driven by products and partnerships that meet market demand.

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